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Our Approach

Focused Innovation Team


We start off with a 100% FREE, no-obligation initial consultation.  Then, if you like what you hear, we  assemble a small team of experts with just the right portfolio of experience and subject matter expertise to help you achieve specific and rapid results.  The scope of the FIT service is very small: a few days to a few weeks.  This is an excellent "starter" engagement.

Innovation Strategy Support


We help guide you on all elements of your overall innovation and business strategies.  This includes identifying key needs that you have in training, coaching, personnel, methodologies, tools, vendor selection, and other innovation resources.  We recommend strategies for moving forward, but you're free to pursue next steps on your own.

Innovation On-Demand


We keep a core innovation advisory board team available to you on an ongoing basis, through a simple retainer arrangement.  This team adds new advisors on a temporary basis, as needed to respond to specific issues (e.g. long-term: culture-development; near-term: urgent problem-solving; or somewhere in between).

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TRACCS Diagram

Our Business Model & Unique value

The Innovation Advisory Board offers a unique value proposition to each key stakeholder in the innovation business landscape.

To the client, we offer a powerful, game-changing asset to supplement their business model: a diverse, ready-to-engage group of world-class innovation experts who are available at essentially a moment's notice and with a powerfully "light," adaptive operating model.  The ideal client is one that does not currently have the optimal innovation leadership, management, or expertise in-house, but understands the need for such talent to help guide them during crucial periods of growth and evolution of their business.

To the individual advisor/member of the board, we offer the ability to join and contribute to an organization of world-class innovation thought-leader peers.  This provides not just low-risk and low-cost opportunities to engage in new business projects, but also the benefit of cross-learning from the insights that other advisor-experts are generating in all facets of their business engagements.  This open collaboration makes for a "network effect" of insight sharing, critical thinking, and creative enlightenment.

To the community, IAB offers a wide range of pro bono and "low-bono" (deeply discounted) services for those who fall into a number of disadvantaged individual/organization categories.  In this way, IAB is committed to give back to those who need our help the most, and who we're confident will reciprocate back to their fellow entrepreneurs and community members alike, in the future (a "pay-it-forward" model).  A willingness and passion for supporting the disadvantaged is one of the major requirements for membership into IAB.  We know that we will wind up providing a lot of value without monetary compensation.  

Call us Karma-conscious.

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